YourMembership Personalization

Personalizing your mailings can really boost your subscribers’ engagement, and the Informz for YourMembership integration allows specific Member Profile Data Fields to be sent to Informz as Personalization Fields. These fields contain information such as First Name, Last Name, Membership, Membership Expiration Date, etc. When these fields are populated, you can insert them into your mailings to create a personal look and feel for your subscribers!

These data are sent to Informz whenever you create a target group or sync.

You can add personalizations automatically with the Insert Personalization tool in the Informz editor or manually by typing them.

Personalizations are represented by codes in your mailing (e.g. %%First Name%%). When you create a mailing, you'll place the these codes wherever you wish the subscriber's personalized data to appear. For example, you may want to use %%First Name%% in the salutation. When you send your mailing, each recipient will see his or her first name in the mailing content.

Personalization Fields

YourMembership provides personalization fields to Informz based on the YourMembership area used to generate the list/target group. These fields are sent to Informz through the Bulk Email feature in YourMembership.

You will need to understand the source of the target group to ensure that the personalization fields you use are updated with that target group. The list below identifies the fields that are updated with an X. For example, using an Event Registration target group with the %%Membership%% personalization may not provide the most current data.

Field Name Directory Search Dues Processing Store Processing Event Registration Custom Reporting
Name Prefix x x x x
First Name x x x x x
Middle Name x x x x
Last Name x x x x x
Name Suffix x x x x
Constituent ID x x x x
Email x x
Primary Group x x
Nickname/ScreenName x x x x
Company/Employer x x x x
Membership x
Membership Type x
Membership Expiration Date x x x
Data in Match Field 1 x
Data in Match Field 2 x
Data in Match Field 3 x
Data in Match Field 4 x
Data in Match Field 5 x
Username x x x x x
Alternate Email x

Personal Touch

To understand the power of personalizations is to understand the power of captivating your audience members. By directly reaching out to someone by his or her name (or through another personalization), you have added a "personal touch" to your message that invites and encourages further engagement!