CNAME Troubleshooting for DKIM


If the authentication test is not passing:

  • Your DNS change many need more time to propagate.  Check your DNS settings to see how long it will take for your record to be live.
  • You may need a period at the end of the "Alias" field. (ex:
  • You may need a period at the end of the "Name" field (ex: "s01a._domainkey." OR if your domain is not assumed, you may need "s01a._domainkey.yourdomain.")
  • Make sure that the fields are in the correct order when creating your CNAME record. Remember, your domain should be pointing to the domain. It should look something like, "s01a._domainkey.yourdomain" points to ""
  • Make sure that the 2nd CNAME record is configured properly (ex:s01b). This second record is needed in case the DKIM keys are rotated in the future.

Each DNS is different, so we've included some troubleshooting tips below for CNAME configuration:

  • GoDaddy uses "Points to" in place of the "Alias" field
  • SoftLayer uses "Points to" in place of "Alias" and requires a " . " at the end of the field
  • Office 365 uses "Address" in place of "Alias" and does not require a " . " at the end of each field
  • Network Solutions uses "Alias" in place of the "Name" field and the "other host" field is really the "Alias"
  • You may need to refer to your DNS provider for additional instructions if you are unable to successfully complete the configuration