iMIS Writebacks - Web Tracking

As you build out your marketing ecosystem you will need to incorporate web tracking capabilities into your website. Informz Web Tracking provides you these insights as known visitors come to your website, hang out a while, and interact with the pages. Inserting interaction tracking JavaScript at key points on your web pages will allow you to do extremely narrow targeting based on the behaviors that the people you communicate with are exhibiting. Why try guessing when you can get the data!?

Data is sent from Informz once a day. In the event your iMIS bridge to Informz is temporarily down, the writebacks will be queued and subsequently sent when the bridge is functioning. This can be a significant amount of data, so make sure that you have a good business case and a plan to harvest insights from this data.

If you don't currently have web tracking, contact your Advisor for more information on how to get it.

User-Defined Table Structure

You need to create a user-defined table to work with this writeback. Below is the table structure for the INFORMZ_WEB_TRACK table. Please see this article to learn the initial steps to create a user-defined table.

Make sure to name the tables and columns (fields) using the exact names and data types as specified below. If the names are not identical, the transfers cannot be performed properly.


Field Name Prompt Type Length
WEB_TRACK_TYPE Web Track Type Char 20
PAGE_URL Page Url Char 2000
PAGE_TITLE Page Title Char 2000
HTTP_USER_AGENT HTTP User Agent Char 1000
IP_ADDRESS IP Address Char 45
BROWSER_NAME Browser Name Char 100
SESSION_DURATION Session Duration Int
NUM_PAGES Num Pages Visited Int
CREATE_DATE Create Date DateTime
COUNTRY_NAME Country Name Char 255
VIEW_DURATION View Duration Int
ORDERID Order ID Char 255
SKU Sku Char 255
ITEM_NAME Item Name Char 255
ITEM_CATEGORY Item Category Char 255
PRICE Price Money 18 (length) 2 (dec)
QUANTITY Quantity Int
EVENT_CATEGORY Event Category Char 255
ACTION Action Char 255
VALUE Value Char 255

Create a new tab in iMIS to display the data. It will look like this:

With the table in place in iMIS, you are ready to let the data flow from Informz to iMIS.

Once in iMIS...

With the Informz web tracking data streaming into iMIS, you can use it in many different ways - the sky's the limit! The real power will be in combining this data with the great profile and transactional data in iMIS, along with mailing activity data from Informz.