iMIS Writebacks - Voting (Ballots)

Whether you are deciding on your city's next mayor or simply where to get a slice of pizza with friends, voting happens all the time. In the realm of marketing, however, it can get a bit stressful. This is especially true when you need to tie together the results of a subscriber poll with actions. Fortunately, the ballot writeback makes things easy to manage with the iMIS integration.

The ballot writeback can be performed on-demand or can be scheduled for individual mailings. Votes related to a specific ballot can be written back any time after the voting starts. There is a button on the Ballot Report Page that will initiate the writeback. Informz will send you an email after the data transfer is complete.

The following information is written back:

  • Ballot ID
  • Ballot Name
  • Date Started
  • Date Votes Submitted
  • Date Votes Confirmed

It's a Ballot, not a Survey

The key differentiator, in Informz, between a ballot and a survey is the level of privacy. An individual's selections in a ballot are private whereas survey data is visible in Informz. Make sure that your colleagues know not to expect seeing individual ballot responses in Informz or in iMIS.

User-Defined Table Structure

You need to create a user-defined table to work with this writeback. Below is the table structure for the INFORMZ_BALLOTS table. Please see this article to learn the initial steps to create a user-defined table.

Make sure to name the tables and columns (fields) using the exact names and data types as specified below. If the names are not identical, the transfers cannot be performed properly.


Field NamePromptTypeLength
BALLOT_NAMEBallot NameChar100
STARTEDDate Ballot StartedDateTime
SUBMITTEDDate Votes SubmittedDateTime
CONFIRMEDDate Votes ConfirmedDateTime

Don't Forget...

Once you have the ballot writeback in place, you'll have a firm grasp of all the voting information you receive. Remember, every vote counts!