iMIS Writebacks - Surveys

Yes...No...Yes...Maybe...Strongly Agree...

Does this sound familiar? If so, you've probably taken at least one survey in your lifetime. However, imagine sending surveys to hundreds upon hundreds of subscribers! It might get tricky to keep track of everyone who answered. But you are in luck - Informz writes back survey information to iMIS with the aptly-titled Survey writeback.

Note that you'll need a few things in place before you start seeing these writebacks. For example, you need to create a survey and a mailing that contains the survey survey link. Additionally, you need this mailing to be associated with an iMIS target group. Once these are in place, you can send your survey results back at any time.

The survey writeback is performed on-demand or scheduled for individual mailings when a survey is used. The writeback tracks whether or not the survey was taken and if there is any survey data.

User-Defined Table Structure

You need to create a user-defined table to work with this writeback. Below is the table structure for the INFORMZ_SURVEYS table. Please see this article to learn the initial steps to create a user-defined table.

Make sure to name the tables and columns (fields) using the exact names and data types as specified below. If the names are not identical, the transfers cannot be performed properly.


Field NamePromptTypeLength
SURVEY_NAMESurvey NameChar255
DATE_STARTEDDate Started SurveyDateTime
COMPLETEDCompleted SurveyCheckbox
DATE_COMPLETEDDate Completed SurveyDateTime
VALUE_1Value 1Char500
VALUE_2Value 2Char500
VALUE_3Value 3Char500

Survey Says...

You'll definitely want to take advantage of the survey writeback, and you'll be glad you did. After all, on a scale from one to ten, this writeback receives top marks! It will ensure that you have correctly gathered information from your subscribers. Just think - with all the information available, the sky's the limit!