iMIS Writebacks - Personas

Understanding as much as possible about your audience is a key challenge for any marketer. Using Informz personas is a great way to get a much deeper insight into the unique audiences that your organization not only interacts with, but depends on.

Creating personas to combine behavioral activity with emotional aspirations has long been a useful tool by marketing teams that are really trying to understand their audiences. Creating personas isn't always an easy task, but the rewards they yield are enormous.

If personas is not currently enabled in your account, please contact your Advisor for information to enable it.

User-Defined Table Structure

You need to create a user-defined table to work with this writeback. Below is the table structure for the INFORMZ_PERSONA table. Please see this article to learn the initial steps to create a user-defined table.

Make sure to name the tables and columns (fields) using the exact names and data types as specified below. If the names are not identical, the transfers cannot be performed properly.


Field Name Prompt Type Length
SCORE_NAME Persona Name Char 255
SCORE_DESC Persona Desc Char 2000

Create a new tab in iMIS to display the data. The example below is for engagement but the persons looks the same:

With the user-defined table in place in iMIS, you are ready to let the data flow from Informz to iMIS.

Memorable Users...

Personas ultimately make your subscribers more memorable and easier to understand! In fact, understanding a given member's persona should help provide insights in all your reporting from iMIS.